Saturday, March 21, 2009

Liberty Park series

12x24"  oil on wood
These paintings are each available for $300

Salt Lake County

Salt Lake 'Plein air' oil paintings of various sizes on wood.

The two canyon paintings (at the bottom of this post) are available. 
Please contact me if interested

Greenlake Seattle Series

Here are a few landscapes painted 'plein air' a few years ago around Greenlake just north of the greater Seattle area.

Each of these paintings sold to passers bye for $300-$500

Palisades Bluff Santa Monica

-16x20" oil on canvas Pagodas at Venice Beach

-Palisades Park in Santa Monica
These paintings are both 11x14" these two were completed from photographs

I sold these from Louis's Restaurant in Santa Monica along with a few others for $350 a piece